Company Profile


                 Based on our extensive know-how and experiences over 40 years; Erawan textile today stands out as one of the most sophisticated woven fabric manufacturer in Thailand. The company is present production facilities include more than 88,000 spindles and over 300 sets of advanced Air-Jet Looms altogether.  

Over the years, through our close technical collaboration with Toyobo Co., Ltd. Japan 's leading textile manufacturer,highly specialized in advanced spinning and weaving technologies, Erawan textile could achieve sustainable know how and extensive experiences critical for achieve sustainable know how and extensive experiences critical for 

With our elaborate selection of the finest fibers from the best sources available,applied through stringent spinning process under maximum care, we ensure that only the finest yarn serving as the groundwork for premium quality fabric production out of the process. Our Air Jet Loom equipped with advanced electronic Shedding System further ensures that final woven fabrics coming out are of the highest quality and perfect texture. 

Our special expertise lies in the production of extra-thin fabric, as well as high-density fabric employing the extra-fine yarn, thereby providing consistent soft and smooth fabric texture. We produce and employ yarns made from 100% cotton, CVC, T/C and Spun Polyester, ranging from no.20 to no.150. We are also specialized in producing twisted yarn in 2, 3 and 4-ply, covering the range of Plain weave, Twill, Oxford and Dobby among others. 

With regard to dyeing & finishing work, we are in close collaboration with leading specialists in this field, namely,SSDC (Tigertex),Thai extile Dyeing and Finishing and Tokai Dyeing, thereby enabling us to effectively responding to changing customer and market requirements. Our fabrics are well accepted in various global destinations, such as Italy, Britain, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland in Europe and Japan, China, South Korea and Middle East, in Asia, as well as USA, Canada, among others. 

In the highly-competitive textile manufacturing world today, we stand ready to offer the finest quality fabric product, with competitive price and reliable delivery schedule, to meet global requirements. With our profound know-how cutting-edge expertise, Erawan textile is firmly committed to developing innovative technologies, leading to new and better quality fabric products to serve the world today. Our comprehensive network of materials supply, Production, Logistics, Research and developments, are key to our achievements today.  



Nature of Business

                 Erawan is a company engaged in the business of spinning and weaving in an export standards. These will be important since the selection of raw materials as well as processing and weaving to meet the standard set in all stages of production.Erawan Textile became famous on the thin thread that can produce the longest and best fabrics from the famous Erawan of fabrics suitable for tropical weather as well. Market segmentation:

- EUROPE 20%

- JAPAN 40%



Erawan Textile Co.,a subsidiary of the Saha Pattana Group, whom is the largest consumer supply in Thailand in Textile and garment products including food and home products.Moreover, Erawan Textile is the key supplier to most of leading brands for shirting,fashion blouses, dresses,jacket and pants throughout the world directly thru garment manufacturers such as Arrow, Guy Laroache, DAKS, GAP, BANNANA REPUBLIC, etc.